stage 1: sign up

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Our members are the engine of Pivotal Movement. They improve their own health and wellbeing while simultaneously generating funds for nutrition and health projects, locally and globally. A simple “win-win” process with potentially massive benefits.

Users sign up on our website and are invited to join Strava as well. Pivotal Movement uses Strava to collect the data that is generated when members exercise and have synced their activity tracking device (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch or other).

How it works:

  1. Users complete the simple form on the Pivotal Movement website (click ‘join now’ button below)
  2. We send an email asking users to join Strava or, if already a member, grant Pivotal Movement access to their activity data
  3. Pivotal Movement adds the activity that users share, to our running total.

That’s it. Simple.

We don’t ask you to raise money, we just ask you to keep doing what you’re doing now and, if you can, try to do a bit more. If you cycle to work four days a week, try to cycle five; if you work out at the gym twice a week, try to go four times; if you swim once a week, try to swim twice. And if you can’t increase frequency, then try to go a little further when you are out and about….

stage 2: activity total

Activity total of members

We measure the individual activity expended by our members and show this as a collective global total. This total is constantly growing, as more and more members join. Each member shares their own data —  that Strava is tracking from their synced device – with Pivotal Movement.

Our members are trying to exercise more frequently, or for longer periods, as this pushes our total up and raises funds for nutrition and health projects, locally and globally.

Please, read on to understand how Pivotal Movement raises money.

stage 3: raising money

How Pivotal Movement raises money

As our collective global total of members’ calorie-burn is increasing our investors become active. Investors who normally fund nutrition and health projects can generate greater value-for-money by channeling their funding through Pivotal Movement – because the very process of raising these funds (via exercise) is intrinsically beneficial to nutrition and health of many individuals.

Investors can choose the type of projects or organizations they fund, as they would normally, and they can choose the terms under which they donate (e.g. through agreeing on the $/kcal ratio) and/or by supporting Pivotal Movement events.

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stage 4: benefiting from Pivotal Movement

Who benefits from the money?

Our partners comprise non-profit charities and organizations who will put these funds to use to further improve nutrition and health of the wider population through projects they support, locally and globally.

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