Members (or 'Burners')

What is Pivotal Movement?

Pivotal Movement is a new initiative aimed at getting people moving – to improve their own health and wellbeing – while at the same time generating funds for nutrition and health projects locally and globally.  A simple “win-win” idea with potentially massive benefits,

Pivotal uses fitness tracking technology to expand the concept of sponsored runs, cycle rides and gym work-outs from occasional events into everyday activity. In short ‘MAKING EVERY MOVE COUNT’.

Do I have to be very fit?

No. We love that you are doing some exercise, but of course the more you do the better it is for us in raising funds for projects. And of course the more you do the better you will feel, it’s a win win idea.

Do I need an activity tracker?

Yes. A way to measure the exercise you do is needed. So a Garmin, Fitbit or Apple watch is great. But a smart phone will work. You need to turn on your ‘location’ and use the Strava app to track your activity (don’t forget to make sure you ‘authorize’ Strava to share you exercise data).

Do I have to pay to join?

No. To become a Pivotal Movement member (or as we like to say a ‘burner’) is FREE. However, we do ask you to sign up to Strava and authorise your activity tracker data to be shared with us. This allows us to add your exercise activity to our global total. We then exchange that with our sponsors for funds for projects, locally and globally.

Do I have to raise sponsorship?

No. Pivotal Movement is a different kind of fund raising organisation. By doing your general exercise you create funds for health projects locally and globally. The more you exercise the more you contribute to our global count of exercise. We take that ‘burnt’ exercise and exchange it using our sponsors to create funding for projects.

Why do I have to join Strava?

To keep our global total of activity growing we need to record our members exercise data. We use Strava to help record this activity. When you join Strava you authorise the platform to share this data with us. We don’t so anything else with it and we will never share it or publish it anywhere.


How do I invest?

Any organisations who seek to improve the nutrition and health of populations locally and globally can become an investor. Our members burn calories and these individual calorie logs are added to our pool of aggregated members activity. This pool is linked to a funding scheme whereby investors agree to “match-fund” these pooled calories according to pre-determined ratios. The ratios and duration of sponsorship will be agreed with the investor.

Why invest?

Investors who normally donate to/invest in nutrition and health projects can generate greater value-for-money by channeling their funding through Pivotal Movement – because the very process of raising these funds (via exercise) is intrinsically beneficial to nutrition and health of many individuals.


Who can be a partner?

Our partners comprise non-profit charities and organizations who will put these funds to use to further improve nutrition and health of the wider population through projects they support. These links are what sets Pivotal apart – we are leveraging general day-to-day movement, and multiplying its effects for wider benefit.

What criteria are there to become a partner?

We have a simple assessment process. This clears any possible conflicts of interest and means that Pivotal and any prospective partner can be clear and understand mutual objectives. It is not onerous for partners and can be done in a short period.

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