How Pivotal Movement started
Pivotal Movement started life as an “idea in motion” when one of us, Stuart actually, finally took the leap and bought a Garmin. Working in nutrition for many years, he wondered how all those calories, ticking over in front of him, could be put to better use… so they weren’t just being left by the side of the road.


We’re living at a time when the world is grappling with both hunger and obesity, and when people are moving less. New financing approaches are needed. Matched-funding approaches — where initial funds raised unlock more funding — are being trialled.  Why can’t this be done with calories too – so that, let’s say, a million calories burnt unlocks $100k in new funding? That’s the question we asked ourselves, and it’s the challenge we have set.


We believe this is a huge potential “win-win” as the actual process of raising funds is health-promoting in itself. Pivotal Movement can only work if we mobilize the 3 communities (members (burners), investors and partners), keep them connected and generate enough enthusiasm to “make every move count”.


That’s what we’re doing now. The wheels will really start to turn (and the funds will flow) when we get investors interested. Just as Pivotal Movement is an innovation in nutrition and health financing, we need innovative investors to step up to the plate and see the “win-win” in supporting it.


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The Pivotal Movement team
Stuart Gillespie

Stuart is a Senior Research Fellow with the Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and CEO of the Transform Nutrition Research Program Consortium. He has worked with IFPRI for the last two decades, running global nutrition research programmes, and has 160 publications including 9 books.

Stuart got into cycling after watching the legendary battles between Hinault and Lemond in the mid-80s, and had the idea of Pivotal on returning to the UK and purchasing his first Garmin.

Andy Hodge

Andy’s first brush with exercise began with racing sailing dinghies in his teens (a welcome change from school cross country runs – urgh). He caught the cycling bug after being introduced to a ‘real racing bike’ by a friend. Trips to France following the Tour cemented this lifelong interest. A decade in New Zealand when he was in his 30’s opened the door to the wild outdoors and more extreme activities like mountain biking and whitewater rafting.

He’s excited by the Pivotal concept – converting such efforts into changing people’s lives – and he believes other people will be, too. When he is not riding or walking, he designs things.

Nick Nisbett

Nick is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, U.K., where he co-leads the Health and Nutrition Cluster of researchers and teaches on development and malnutrition. Prior to joining IDS, Nisbett worked for the UK government, where he led a major international policy research programme, the Foresight Project on Global Food and Farming Futures. Nick got into cycling seriously only in his late 30s and is keen for Pivotal to inspire others to get on their bikes, walk, run and get off the sofa in aid of good causes elsewhere.

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