Make your every move count

Measure your day-to-day exercise and let Pivotal Movement turn it into funds for nutrition and health projects, locally and globally

We use the Strava platform to help us measure your energy burn. To join Pivotal Movement we ask you to join Strava at the same time.

Not sure about joining? That's cool. Check out our partners to get a better idea of what Pivotal is all about.

Become a member

Become a member (or, we like to say ‘burner’) and let your everyday activity generate funds for nutrition and health projects, locally and globally. While wearing an activity tracker (synced with the Strava platform), you burn calories (by cycling, running, walking or working out). These calories are tracked and — via our investors — turned into funds for good causes. And don’t forget, you are improving your own health, as well!

Join our movement and make YOUR every move count

Become an investor

We welcome any investor or donor organization that meets simple, transparent eligibility criteria. Investors who normally fund nutrition and health projects can generate greater value-for-money by channeling their funding through Pivotal Movement – because the very process of raising these funds (via exercise) is intrinsically beneficial to nutrition and health of many individuals.

Investors can choose the type of projects or organizations they fund, as they would normally, and they can choose the terms under which they donate (e.g. through agreeing on the $/kcal ratio).

Help our movement grow and make every move count

Become a partner

Our third community comprises non-profit charities and organizations who will put the funds, raised by our members (burners) and investors to good use to further improve nutrition and health of the wider population via projects they support. These are local and global projects of all scales.

Become a partner so your every move counts

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